Canyoning is travelling along riverbeds where the water flow can range from weak to substantial, through gorges or narrow ravines, and over waterfalls of varying heights.

Progress is mostly made on foot by jumping and sliding, but also by swimming or rope-work (abseiling, zip-wire).

This activity is available for over 12s (or earlier if the child is very much at ease in water).
Canyoning is a full-day activity.
The canyoning we practise is of the playful variety, with the route being adapted to each individual. At every waterfall, we offer different techniques for the descent: jumping, abseiling, zip-wiring, or, in the worst-case scenario, a path that circumvents the waterfall.
If you are a family or group of friends whose main goal is to have fun and get thrills spending a day in the water in a green wilderness – then this activity is for you.
Unlike other companies that offer canyoning by the half-day, usually out of profit motives, our ethos at La Cazelle is to take a group out for the whole day and descend the canyon at your pace, not the instructor's...

You will need to bring:

Swimsuit or trunks,
well-fitting shoes (trainers or hiking shoes).
We will eat in the canyon (full-day outing), and the picnic is often knocked about quite a bit during the activity. We therefore recommend that you take foodstuffs that do not easily squash, burst or mix with others to make an unappetising mush. Good choices are sandwiches and high-energy foods (simple sugars, which are quickly assimilated by the body), such as cereal bars, chocolate, fruit jellies, etc.
Please also bring a one-litre water bottle per person.
La Cazelle can supply you with appropriate picnics for your outing (by prior reservation).

Equipment we will provide:

Full, 5.5 mm-thick neoprene wetsuit, helmet, technical kit
(harnesses, ropes, carabiners, etc.).


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